Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Blast From The Past: Spotlight: Grandmaster Wai Ming Chau

Source: Action Martial Arts News: Issue #9: Sept 93 Oct 


GRANDMASTER WAI MING CHAU has 35 years of Martial Arts experience. He was born in Canton City in South China and started studying Martial Arts at the age of 8 years. After studying numerous Chinese arts (including Hung Gar Kung Fu, Judo, and Dragon Style Pa Qua Chuen), GRANDMASTER CHAU owned and operated 2 schools in New York in the 1970’s. He has won many awards and has given numerous Kung Fu demonstrations on TV shows such as “Good Morning America.” He played a major role in the only Kung Fu exhibition at the Broadway Theater in New York in 1975. Other masters that appeared at that time included MASTERS RON VAN CLIEF, DUNCAN LEUNG, and JASON LAU.

Despite his Martial Arts success PROFESSOR CHAU was not satisfied, and he continued to search for the “perfect style.” In late 1973, his dream came true when he met 75 year-old 6th generation Wu Mui GRANDMASTER PENG HSIEH. The graceful movements, lightning speed, and explosive power of MASTER PENG amazed PROFESSOR CHAU. Imagine a small, 75 year—old man moving with more life and power than a 20 year-old.
PROFESSOR CHAU later learned from leaders in Chinatown that GRANDMASTER PENG was a legendary Kung Fu master and a war hero in China against the Japanese Army in the 30’s and 40’s. MASTER PENG was also the close bodyguard of DR. SUN YAT SEN, founder of the Republic of China. MASTER PENG frequently challenged famous masters in the south and north of China, and was never defeated. Before his death in 1988, MASTER PENG passed on the knowledge and secrets of the Wu Mui system of Kung Fu to PROFESSOR CHAU, and chose him to be the inheritor of the system.

PROFESSOR CHAU also has received a lifetime recognition award by the World Head Family/Head Founders Council (W.H.C.). This elite group was formed by some of the word’s most renowned grandmasters, such as PROFESSOR WALLY JAY (10th Dan, Small Circle JuJitsu), PROFESSOR KARL MARX (9th Dan, Keichu-Ryu), and PROFESSOR JOHN WILLIAMS (9th Dan, Kindai-Ha Shinto-Ryu Aikijujitsu).

GRANDMASTER WAI MING CHAU now carries on the mission of propagating the esoteric art of Wu Mui throughout the world.

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