Friday, May 27, 2011

Here we go again....Baguazhang vs Muay Thai (part II)

Wow, this beef is really heating up. We have DJ going to pay Nakmeezy a visit, Nakmeezy responding to DJ and Maoshan turns the heat up on Nakmeezy. Let's get started....
In true soap opera fashion I left you with a cliffhanger; would Nakmeezy fight DJ or not?

Well check this out, DJ had enough of the jibber-jabber and went to Nakmeezy's park to cross hands. Reminiscent of Bruce Lee visiting the Japanese in the "Chinese Connection" all that was missing was a 'Sick Men of Harlem' sign. While DJ waited for Nakmeezy, Lyte Burly showed up to the park for his daily 52 Blocks workout. DJ approaches Lyte Burly inquiring about Nakmeezy's whereabouts. Lyte text's Nakmeezy but still no show. After waiting around for a no show Nakmeezy DJ bounces. See video below:

Nakmeezy fires back with a response to the above video, where he says he got the text letting him know DJ was at the park waiting for him. He goes on to say how he went to the park prepared for action but DJ was no where to be found. *In the spirit of being fair, in Nakmeezy's response video "TSP" he mentioned this blog's inaccuracy with the origins of the Nak - Maoshan beef so we will provide Nakmeezy's statement. According to him, he didn't call Maoshan out to fight at the Man Up Stand Up (MUSU) competition. He also explains the actual origins of the beef with Maoshan also, see video below:

After classic Nakmeezy jokes he returns to requesting Maoshan come for a real ass kicking and then Dj can get his. Truly in rare form Nakmeezy is seen serving up a huge helping of shit-talk souflee. But that's not even the kicker. The real shocker is a video response from Maoshan addressing Nakmeezy's challenges and he issues a challenge of his own; a no-holds barred fight where whoever is left standing can claim victory. See video below:

So there you have it, one story, two versions. It will be interesting to see how Nakmeezy responds to this challenge from Maoshan. When you analyze this Maoshan's challenge can be viewed in two ways, 1) he's bluffing in a last effort to get Nakmeezy off his back or 2) he's dead serious and plans on settling the score for once and for all. Nakmeezy has a daunting task on his hands, he's going to have to surmise which of the two options Maoshan is using and then be prepared to see if he chose correctly. For Maoshan, he faces a similar task; if he's bluffing and Nakmeezy accepts the challenge things could get real nasty and but if he's not bluffing and Nakmeezy accepts his challenge, then he's gonna be tasked with backing up his challenge. This should be interesting!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Here we go again....Baguazhang vs Muay Thai

The beef between Nakmeezy and Ben Hill aka Maoshan is becoming a long running soap opera like one of those storylines from WWE wrestling. DJ a student of Maoshan once again challenges muay thai fighter Nakmeezy, and this time gets a response.

Let's take it back to the beginning of the beef. The history is that Nakmeezy's comrade Lyte Burly a 52 Blocks practitioner (and interestingly holder of the 52 Blocks trademark name got into a war of words with Maoshan a long time practitioner/teacher of baguazhang where it was stated that Maoshan was a fake.) The two ended up crossing hands and Lyte Burly had what many called a controversial win. See video below:

After Lyte's win over Maoshan, Nakmeezy called him out at the Man Up Stand Up competition held by Novell G. bell aka The Blacktaoist. Maoshan suffer another loss, this time to Nakmeezy. See video below:

After his second loss, a full-fledged mudslinging campaigan was released on Maoshan stating he was a fraudulent martial arts teacher, and that he shouldn't teach anymore, etc. Maoshan's student DJ decided to defend Maoshan by issuing a challenge to Nakmeezy. The challenge went unanswered. See video below:

For Nakmeezy and Lyte Burly it was back to business as usual posting videos like "Fantasy Killers" where the jist of the videos was to point out kung fu fighters that don't train for reality and how how baguazhang can't be used in the ring taking. In a round about way the videos fired off shots at Maoshan, and other baguazhang practitioners eventually catching the attention of the Blacktaoist who is also a long time practitioner of baguazhang. Blacktaoist issued a challenge to Lyte Burly and/or Nakmeezy but the match never materialized.

Around the same time two other factions of 52 practitioners met up to settle the despute of which camp practiced real 52 blocks. Big K from the Constellation camp and Rahmel from his own branch of 52 Blocks fought in what many saw as the worse display of street fighting ever filmed, with absolutely no display of 52 blocks. While taking jabs at Maoshan and others, Nakmeezy and Lyte Burley also poked fun at the anticlimatic fight and Big K's attire during the Rahmel fight; where he was said to have had "wardrobe malfunctions" which pertained to what looked like he was wearing a skirt. Constellation had squashed a beef between their camp and Lyte Burly's camp earlier caught wind of the video and suddenly that video and others vanished.

Recently, Maoshan's student DJ issued a second challenge to Nakmeezy for repeatedly calling Maoshan a martial arts fraud. See video below:

In a shocking move, Nakmeezy seems to accept DJ's challenge; but with a few stipulations: 1)DJ must produce $2000 to fight Nakmeezy, and 2)Maoshan must fight Nakmeezy 1st (then he'll fight DJ right after.) See video below:

Here are some facts that makes Nakmeezy's acceptance of DJ's challenge suspect...

After Maoshan's loss to Nakmeezy, he did an interview where he clearly stated that the fight with Nakmeezy was his last. So one would question why Nakmeezy would challenge Maoshan again?
When Lyte Burly and Nakmeezy made a video about challengers they stated to bring money and they would fight anyone. When the Blacktaoist accepted the challenge, produced the funds and even ventured to Lyte's stomping grounds where he trains daily, they were nowhere to be found.
One could argue that the Blacktaoist was too big to fight Burly but Lyte didn't even accept challenges or offers to spar from one of Blacktaoist's top students. It seems that Lyte and Nakmeezy focused on weaker prey; Maoshan. In the video that's since been pulled, Nakmeezy stated that he was retiring from fighting.

When you consider all of the above facts and history you have to wonder if Nakmeezy is really interested in fighting DJ? It seems like a snake move to tell DJ that his teacher (who retired from fighting) must fight first in order for him to get his chance at Nakmeezy. Looks like we'll have to wait and see how this one will play out.

Martial Art Quote of the Day

"When the breath wanders the mind also is unsteady. But when the breath is calmed the mind too will be still, and the yogi achieves long life. Therefore, one should learn to control the breath." ~Svatmarama

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sifu Sharif- Real Kung Fu vs Movie Kung Fu

As usual, Sifu Sharif Anael Bey does a great job of explaining the differences between real kung fu and kung fu movies, as well as the difference between the sports mindset versus the martial mindset. Video below:

Friday, May 6, 2011

Shaolin House - Wing Chun Kung Fu Wooden Dummies - Mook Jongs

This is a pretty interesting video of one method used to make Wooden Dummies. Seems like a pretty good process.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Weapons Review & Demo

52 Blocks: Lord Rahmel

You asked for it and you got it, 52 Blocks videos. Whether you think it's a martial art or not, it looks like more people are flocking to 1 of the 3 main sources of the 52 Blocks. Here's Rahmel with his documentary on 52 Blocks.

52 Blocks: Constellation

You asked for it and you got it, 52 Blocks videos. Whether you think it's a martial art or not, it looks like more people are flocking to 1 of the 3 main sources of the 52 Blocks. Here's a demo of 52 Blocks and blade work by Constellations.

52 Blocks: A.O.D (Lyte Burley)

You asked for it and you got it, 52 Blocks videos. Whether you think it's a martial art or not, it looks like more people are flocking to 1 of the 3 main sources of the 52 Blocks. These days Lyte Burley's been producing the majority of the 52 Blocks video clips. So for everyone who keeps asking me about 52 Blocks here are some videos for you.